Syringe or Vape Cartridge Oil Warmer


Our cartridge/glass syringe warmer screws onto any standard 510c threaded vape mod battery or pen style battery. We recommend you set “auto sense” for resistance with variable wattage; set between 10-20 watts.

Our Oil Warmers are really nifty devices, created to allow you to easily and safely warm the oil contained in our glass “dart” syringes, and all glass/ceramic vape cartridges.

The “warmer” screws onto a standard 510c threaded vape mod battery and accepts either the glass syringe or vape cartridge from the top.

Upon energizing the warmer, using your standard vape mod battery operating between 10-35 watts, the insulated internal chamber will quickly and effectively raise the temperature of your hardware and the oil contained inside. As the temperature rises your oil will quickly and safely come to a runny oil viscosity and any crystals will melt back to a liquid oil phase allowing you to effectively dispense or vaporize the oil.

Weight 1 oz


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